Poverty Truth Commission Issues First Rulings “From the Bench” and Hand-Delivers Initial Recommendations to Bayou La Batre City Hall and Its Property Management at “Safe Harbor”

12 Nov

A complete report is coming soon on two days of testimony Nov. 7 & 8  — including the Truth Commission harvesting crabs with  Alabama Multi-Cultural Fisher and Seafood Worker-Owned Coop founding member Siriporn  Hall in the Gulf of Mexico’s Mississippi Sound.  Ms. Hall, who is pictured below, told the Truth Commission during the Nov. 7 crabbing trip on her boat: ; ‘Before the BP oil I could catch 1500 lbs. of crabs a day, now I get only 150 lbs. every two days, barely enough to make a living’ (video interview and photos will be published soon).



The above photo of Siriporn Hall and the crab traps she makes, was taken by Solar City just prior to the ribbon cutting event celebrating the solar panel they and the Musk foundation donated to the Coden Coastal Response Center, December 2010. The donation was made, by recommendation of a member of  President Obama’s administration, in recognition of the advocacy of fishers like Ms. Hall and her allies who fought  — and still struggle — for just BP recovery and just Katrina recovery policies.  http://science.time.com/2010/12/27/oil-spill-providing-clean-energy-for-the-victims-of-deepwater-horizon/

The same compelling photograph of Siriporn Hall was featured a few weeks later in a post regarding an interview with Ms. Hall and other founding Alabama Multi-Cultural Fisher and Seafood Worker-Owned Coop members in the San Francisco Pacifica Radio program Apex Express, “a radio show by and about Asian and Pacific Islander communities.” The fishers describe the pay they receive for their catch as “slave wages” and that their coop will end this oppression: “Listen: Alabama fishermen featured on radio show”  http://bridgethegulfproject.org/blog/2012/listen-alabama-fishermen-featured-radio-show


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